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Source:  Worldwide

Zodiac:   Gemini (varies according to colour/type)

Chakra correspondence: Varies according to colour and type; stabilizes and cleanses all chakras.

Physiological correspondence: Skin, eyes, lymphatic system and fluid balance, uterus, stomach and digestive processes, blood vessels, pancreas, skin, emotional balance, mental concentration. Agate facilitates acceptance of your Self and speaking your truth.  Overcoming bitterness of the heart, it heals inner anger, fostering courage to start again.  Encouraging assimilation of life experiences, Agate facilitates stable spiritual growth.  Most agates form as geodes or cavities in volcanic rock.  Natural colours are enhanced and brightened by injecting dye.  Claimed to be beneficial for emotional trauma, self-confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, aura stabilisation, negative-energy transformation, and emotional disease.  Have an Agate slice of Geode in your workspace to give protection from malice and a burst of energy when needed

- Judy Hall, “101 Power Crystals”, 2011

Cassandra Eason, “The Complete Crystal Handbook”, 2010


Agate Occas small