A small piece of Amber.  Amber is strictly speaking not a crystal at all.  It is tree resin that solidified and became fossilised.  It has strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies.  Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body and promotes tissue revitalisation.  It also cleans the environment and the chakras.  It absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate the body to heal itself.  A powerful protector, it links the everday self to the higher spiritual reality.*

Please note: Our image is an example of the crystal you have selected and ordered. You will receive a crystal of equal quality and size to the representation. For those crystals with significant colour variation, please send me a message as to any particular colour preference so that I can try and fulfil your request personally.
* Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible" 2009

Amber small piece