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Source: Australia (Tasmania)

Zodiac:   Leo

A combination of green serpentine and purple Stichtite, Atlantasite access past lives in Atlantis, reconnecting to you ancient wisdom and encouraging you to complete projects set in motion at that time.  This stone assists those who misued their spiritual powers in ancient civilizations and helps in recognizing the right use of per and the true nature of spiritual empowerment.  It clears and aligns all the chakras.  It lowers stress levels and encourages thinking before speaking. 

Relatively rare, obtainable through specialist mineral stores and online.  Overcomes insecurity for overcoming a victim mentality.  Set in the place where you and the family relax with purple candles to create a sanctuary of calm.  Someone from the pasat will return to your life and connect with people who can enrich your present world.

- Judy Hall, “The Crystal Bible”, Vol 2, 2009

Cassandra Eason, “The Complete Crystal Handbook”, 2010


Atlantasite Polished Tumbles