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Slightly small than the size of a 10 cent piece. 

Aura Cobalt

Source: Manufactured

Chakra: Throat

Zodiac: Sagittarius

General: Cobalt Aura is one of the generations of New Age crystals, created from natural minerals using the best of modern techniques, to join the old and new worlds in harmony.  They contain natural minerals and elements, and so can be used for healing as well as empowerment and protection.  They gain powers the separate components do not possess.  Cobalt Aura increases natural clairvoyance and healing powers. A cluster held regularly will ease the transition between personal spiritual work and formal training or turning professional.  Aids creative cooking.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for – Combining the body’s own self-healing powers with higher healing.  To help if illness is unresponsive to treatment or a patient is exhausted by prolonged medical intervention, absorption of vitamins and minerals, functioning of enzymes, kidneys, pancreas, liver, spleen, and processing of glucose.

Emotional Healing: Claimed that even a small piece of Cobalt Aura opens doors and both calms and inspires agoraphobics.

Practical Uses: Makes every day seem special.  Even in a small cluster in the home removes restlessness and discontentment.

Workplace: Cobalt Aura removes the constraints that may hold us back from expressing ourselves through work.2


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Aura Cobalt Polished Tumble Stones