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Black Onyx tumble stones size of 20 cent piece.

Onyx Black

Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in Italy, Mexico, Russia, Brazil and South Africa

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Leo

General: In ancient times Onyx was believed to have a demon imprisoned within that would awaken at night, sowing discord, especially between lovers.  Nowadays, strength-giving Onyx is a protective stone for dark nights and lonely places.  Taking you forward to view the future, it facilitates being master of your destiny.  A stone of separation that banishes old habits, Onyx is useful when a relationship needs stabilizing or when it has passed its use by date and needs releasing.  Assisting in your own counsel, Onyx holds memories of what happens to the wearer and can be used for psychometry.  Effective in past-life work for healing old injuries and physical trauma affecting the present life, it anchors the flighty into a stable way of life and imparts self-control.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for making wise decisions, self-confidence, centring, vigour, steadfastness, stamina, grief, overwhelming fears, quelling desire, balancing yin and yang, teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and feet.1

Emotional Healing: Claimed to be beneficial for those suffering addictions


Practical Uses: Use Black Onyx when it is time to let go of people who are troublesome in a non-destructive way.  Wear if you have a lot of people who depend too much on you. 

Workplace: Focuses those who are easily distracted.  Wear for defending yourself effectively but calmly in an argument.2


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Black Onyx Polished Tumble Stone large