These small polished tumble stones are available in blue, pink, and purple shades.  Great for kids.  Agate is formed from microscopic crystal of quartz laid down in bands.  It is a very stable crystal.  Agates are grounding stones bringing about an emotional, physical, and intellectual balance.  They aid in centering and stabilising physical energy.  Agate has the power to harmonise yin and yang, the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place.  A soothing and calming crystal, Agate works slowly but brings great strength.  Its multiple layers can bring hidden information to light.* 
Please note: Our image is an example of the crystal you have selected and ordered. You will receive a crystal of equal quality and size to the representation. For those crystals with significant colour variation, please send me a message as to any particular colour preference so that I can try and fulfil your request as personally.
* Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible" 2009

Banded Agate Polished Tumble Stones small