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Approx 25gms and above.

Chiastolite (Cross Stone, Andalusite)

Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Australia, Chile and Russia

Chakra: Base

Zodiac: Libra

General: Chiastolite is named from the Greek chiastos, meaning ‘cross marked’, and in ancient times this powerfully protective stone was used to ward off the Evil Eye.  A gateway into mysteries, it facilitates journeys out of the body and assists exploration of immortality.  Linked to death and rebirth, it is helpful for those making transitions, maintaining spirituality during illness or trauma.  Attuning to the soul’s purpose, Chiastolite dissolves illusions and calms fears, enabling reality to be faced, and is particularly helpful for overcoming fear of going mad.  This stone assists in seeing all sides of a problem, transmuting dissension into harmony and dispelling negative thoughts and feelings.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for Guilt, memory, analytic capability, fever, stanching blood flow, over-acidification, rheumatism, gout, lactation, chromosome damage, immune system, paralysis, and nerve fortifier.1

Emotional Healing: Claimed to be beneficial for encouraging slow but significant progress for people locked in destructive behaviour such as always choosing a faithless or abusive partner. 

Practical Uses: Wear Chiastolite jewellery or carry a stone with a clearly defined cross for international travel or if you work or live in any kind of trouble-spot.

Workplace: A good crystal to decide whether to carry on or to try a new a new workplace.2


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Chiastolite Tumble stones