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Crysoprase tumble stones approximately the size of a 20 cent piece.


Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Poland and Tanzania

Chakra: Heart, Sacral

Zodiac: Taurus

General: Said by the ancients to promote love of truth, Chrysoprase promotes optimism and personal insight.  Inducing deep meditative states, it imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole.  This stone assists in looking at egotistical motives in the past and the effect that has had on your development, and aligns your ideals with your behaviour.  Chrysoprase heals your inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood, and, overcoming compulsive thoughts, turns your attention to positive events.  This stone stimulates acceptance of oneself and others.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for fluent speech, judgmentalism, forgiveness, compassion, mental dexterity, co-dependence, detoxifying, stanching blood, pain, arthritis, rheumatism, influenza, eyes, mobilising heavy metals out of the body, liver function, relaxation, fertility, infertility caused by infection, sexually transmitted diseases, gout, eye problems, mental illness, skin diseases, heart problems, goiter, balancing hormones, digestive system, infirmity, absorption of vitamin C, fungal infections, claustrophobia, nightmares.1

Emotional Healing: Claimed that Green Chrysoprase worn as jewellery breathes life into a relationship after a betrayal.

Practical Uses: To bring spring into your home at any time of the year.  Open windows and sprinkle water in which green Chrysoprase has been soaked.

Workplace: A luck charm.  Rub one over the envelope of any letters you send out relating to employment.2


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Chrysoprase Tumble Stone large