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Source:  Rare—Italy, USA, Germany, Sardinia, Wales

Zodiac:   Sagittarius

Chakra: Third eye, Sacral, solar plexus

Named after its discoverer, Italian mineralogist N. Covelli, this stone is said to facilitate energy flow through cells, detoxifying and removing stagnant energy.  Connecting to the higher self, Covelitte transforms dreams into realities and stimulates metaphysical abilities.  This reflective stone opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom you acquired then, releasing anything holding you back, particularly ingrained beliefs from other lives.  Covellite harmonises body, mind, and soul and facilitates loving yourself unconditionally while eliminating vanity and arrogance.  This is a helpful stone if you feel vulnerable and too-easily stimulated by others.

- Judy Hall, “The Encyclopedia of Crystals”, 2015


Covellite Tumble Stones