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Dumortierite weighing min 20gm.


Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA and Brazil

Chakra: Past life, Throat, Third Eye

Zodiac: Leo

General: Named after the French paleontolgist Eugene Dumortier, Dumortierite communicates with angelic or spirit guides, helping you see the worth in each human being.  This stone takes you back to the beginning of your soul journey and breaks ties that are no longer useful.  It is particularly helpful for releasing past-life causes of disease, difficult circumstances, and addiction.  Stabilising a rocky relationship, it is said to attract a soulmate.  Dumortierite assists in standing up for yourself and adapting to your present reality, and helps you remain young at heart.  Excellent for promoting a positive attitude to life, it is useful for people who deal with crisis and trauma, calming and focusing effort.  Dumortierite develops your linguistic capabilities so that you can communicate with other cultures.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for - Clairaudience, self-confidence, cellular memory healing, filing, organisational abilities, stage fright, shyness, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, depression, over-excitability, detachment, joie de vivre, patience, self-discipline, mental clarity, sunburn, stubbornness, hypersensitivity, wasting disorders, epilepsy, headaches, nausea, vomiting, cramping, colic, diarrohea, palpitations.1

Emotional Healing: Claimed to gently release pent-up emotions that would otherwise be expressed as uncontrolled fury.  Good with anger-management therapy.

Practical Uses: Brings improvement in circumstances when you have given up hope.

Workplace: A piece in your workspace encourages tidyness.2


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Dumortierite Tumble stones