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Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in India, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Brazil, Egypt, Austria, Colombia and Madagascar

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

General: Emerald derives from the Greek word smargos, meaning ‘green stone’, but the oldest known mine is Egyptian, dating back to 3000BCE.  Emeralds were traditionally bound to the left arm to protect travellers or given to people to exorcise their demons.  Said to protect from enchantment and the ploys of magicians, it foretold the future.  Known as the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, Emerald brings domestic bliss and loyalty; enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership; and promotes friendship.  If it changes colour, it is said to signal unfaithfulness.  A life affirming stone with great integrity, Emerald enhances mental equilibrium and metaphysical abilities.

Note: Do not wear constantly, as it can overstimulate

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for – Claustrophobia, mental clarity, mutual understanding, group co-operation, memory, discewrnment, eloauent expression, patience, osteoporosis, recovery after infectious illness, detoxification, sinuses, lungs, heart, spine, muscles, eyes, vision, rheumatism, diabetes, antidote to poisons, epilepsy, and malignant conditions.1

Emotional Healing: It is claimed in tumble stone form Emerald restores the confidence of young girls and teenagers who have been teased about their weight or any young person who is made to feel inferior because parents cannot afford the latest designer goods. 

Practical Uses: Revives passion, whether for an interest, person or job.

Workplace: Natural Emerald or tumble stone held for five minutes a day brings rapid recall of facts.2


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Emerald Tumble Stones