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Min 25 grams and loved for kids for its colour changing ability. 

Girasol (Opalite, Blue Opal)

Source:  Worldwide

Zodiac:   Taurus


 The blue tinge to Girasol comes from aluminium.  In addition to carrying the generic properties of Opal, this visioning stone reveals solutions to present difficulties, especially where these arise from previously unvoiced causes.  Revealing hidden feelings and psychic impressions inadvertently received, it assists in recognising the deeper causes of discontent and strengthens psychic boundaries.

An egg or sphere calms a workplace that encourages stress.  Hold and centre yourself to avoid making rash decisions by being swept along.

- Judy Hall, “The Encyclopedia of Crystals”, 2015

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Girasol (Blue Opal, Opalite) Polished Tumble Stones