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Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Tibet and Nepal

Chakra: Heart, spleen

Zodiac: Aries

General: A very positive stone, Aventurine is used to grid gardens or houses against geopathic stress.  Wearing Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against environmental pollution.  This stone guards against metaphysical vampirism of heart energy and brings together the intellectual and emotional bodies.  Aventurine stabilizes one’s state of mind, recognising alternatives and possibilities.  It aids emotional recovery and enables living within one’s own heart.  It is an excellent protector for the spleen chakra and should be worn over the base of the sternum or taped beneath the left armpit.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for - Balancing male-female energy, prosperity, leadership, decisiveness, compassion, empathy, irritation, creativity, stuttering, severe neurosis, thymus gland, connective tissue, nervous system, blood pressure, metabolism, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, anti-inflammatory, skin eruptions, allergies, migraine headaches, eyes, adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.1

Emotional Healing: Claimed to be beneficial to leave one in the soil of a green plant overnight and hold it in the morning to let Mother Earth replace depression and anxiety with wellbeing and hope.

Practical Uses: The luckiest of all crystals.  Keep one with you in a green bag and a four leafed clover if you can get one, for all games of chance.  Green Amazonite in the same bag will increase the luck.

Workplace: A money-spinner crystal if you are prepared to take chance.2


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Green Aventurine 2 inch Crystal Angels