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Hematite tumble stones min weight 30 grams.


Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela and England

Chakra: Earth, Base, Past Life

Zodiac: Aquarius, Aries

General: Said to protect a soldier going into battle, Hematite enhances personal magnetism.  It can heal the anger and hurt felt by those who were warriors in previous lives, supporting those who face a karmic battle in the present life.  Harmonising mind, body, and spirit, this effective grounding stone removes excess energy and separates your emotions from those of other people.  Worn on the right in right-handed people, it shuts down metaphysical awareness.  On the left, it allows metaphysical faculties to remain open.  Enhancing survival ability, this is an excellent stone for accessing the subconscious mind, drawing attention to unfulfilled desires that drive your life.  Assisting in coming to terms with mistakes as learning experiences, it helps face the shadow side of your personality.  An excellent booster for the memory, Hematite should not be used where inflammation is present, or for long periods of time.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for – Timid women, self-esteem, willpower, triple heater meridian, study of mathematics and technical subjects, legal situations, compulsions, addictions, overeating, smoking, overindulgence, stress, hysteria, inflammation, courage, hemorrage, menstrual flooding, drawing heat from the body, formation of red blood cells, regulating blood, iron absorption, circulatory problems, Reynaud’s disease, anemia, kidneys, regenerating tissue, leg cramps, nervous disorders, insomnia, spinal alignment, fractures .1

Emotional Healing: Claimed to relieve fears of seeing blood, obsessions about contagious illnesses, over-sensitivity to bodily functions particularly using toilets not your own.  Fears of flying and of insects especially spiders.

Practical Uses: Called the lawyer’s stone.  Carry Hematite for the successful outcome of court cases.  Also for any DIY legal work such as drawing up or contesting a will or representing yourself in a divorce or tax dispute to ensure you are clear, concise and not swayed by pressure.

Workplace: Wear Hematite to boost your courage and confidence to resist bullying in an authoritarian or aggressive work situation.  Supportive if you are facing unfair accusations or pressure to quit.2


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Hematite Polished Tumble Stone large