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Kyanite (Blue)

Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and India

Chakra: Opens throat, aligns with all aura

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra

General: Excellent for attunement and meditation, and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency, Kyanite never needs cleansing.  Tuning into causal connections, this stone detaches from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, showing how you created your present experience by past behaviour.  Facilitating the ascension process, it draws the light body into the physical realm and connects the higher mind to mulita-dimensional frequencies.  Kyanite points to you true identity and a fulfilling vocation.  This crystal connects to guides, instils compassion, and facilitates spiritual maturation.  Slicing through confusion and dispelling blockages, illusion, and anger, Kyanite releases frustration and stress.  Kyanite is excellent for making relationships of all kinds and is a useful stone to assist in smoothing the way for lasting relationships.  It has a very light and fast vibration that links you to your life path and true vocation.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for metaphysical abilities, logical and linear thought, victimhood, frustration, anger, stress, resignation, pain, dexterity, muscular disorders, fevers, urogenital system, thyroid and para thyroid, adrenal glands, throat, brain, blood pressure, infections, excess weight, cerebellum, motor responses, yin-yang balance, larynx, hoarseness, motor nerves.1     Note: Kyanite is a high-vibration stone.

Emotional Healing: Claimed to bring tranquillity as a result of breaking free from emotional blackmail, possessiveness and self-imposed guilt.

Practical Uses: If your child does not get asked to parties or is ignored in play parks, keep bladed Kyanite near their outdoor or school clothes at home to make them more popular.  Helpful if your child is physically different in any way or has difficulty in integrating.

Workplace: Hold or wear blue kyanite when addressing a group or leading a seminar or team meeting.  Sharpens in-situ communication skills, particularly in answering questions and improvising when needed.2


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Kyanite (Blue) small tumble stones