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Source:  Dominican Republic, Bahamas

Zodiac:   Leo, Pisces


Inspiring Larimar is deeply nurturing, radiating love as it restores your strength especially after extended spiritual work, harmonising body and soul to new vibrations.  Effortlesssly inducing a deeply meditative state, it guides the soul on its true pathway.  Larimar releases self-sabotaging behaviour, self-imposed bonds, and inappropriate burdens, and removes attached entities.  Awakening inner wisdom and the ability to manifest, when moving through periods of stress and change, it enables challenges to be met with equanimity.

The best stone if you are having problems getting together with your soul mate because of other relationships, fears or unresolved issues.  It is believed to channel ancient wisdom from Atlantis during meditation or sleep.  Hold as you sit on the seashore anywhere to reconnect with the ebbs and flows of your inner tides. 

- Judy Hall, “The Encyclopedia of Crystals”, 2015

Cassandra Eason, “The Complete Crystal Handbook”, 2010



Larimar Tumble Stone