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Magnesite Turquoise -

Source:  Worldwide

Zodiac:   Libra


Magnesite has been used for centuries as currency by Native North Americans.  An excellent crystal for exhausted mothers if they have sleepless nights.  It is also used in jewellery, dyed turquoise, as it has a similar texture to turquoise.  Since magnesite opens Brow and Crown chakras, it is possible by closing your hands around four or five magnesites and focusing  on a white candle flame to perceive higher realms.  It is easily scratched so is best kept separate from other crystals.

A very calming crystal.  Keep a small dish need food preparation or on the dining table. 

To create a private oasis of calm if you multi-task or face conflicting demands.

- Cassandra Eason, “The Complete Crystal Handbook”, 2010



Magnesite Turquoise Tumble Stones