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These Malachite polished tumble stones are approximately the size of a 20 cent piece.


Source: Found throughout the world predominantly in USA (New Mexico), Australia, Zaire, France, Russia, Germany, Chile, Romania, Zambia, Congo and Middle East

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus, Base, Sacral

Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn

General: Reputed to protect against the Evil Eye, witchcraft, and evil spirits, this stone is a powerful cleanser for the emotional body, releasing past-life or childhood trauma, but is best used by a qualified healer.  Life is liced more intensely under the influence of Malachite, a powerful energy conduit.  It mercilessly shows what is blocking your spiritual growth, drawing out deep feelings and psychosomatic causes, breaking unwanted ties and outworn patterns, and teaching how to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and feelings.  An important protection stone, Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the environment and the body, soaking up plutonium and radiation and clearing electromagnetic smog.  Malachite has a strong affinity with devic forces and heals the earth.  Journeying through Malachite’s convoluted patterns assists in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future.

Note: Malachite is copper ore, which is toxic to humans if taken in sufficient quantities however wearing a polished stone is perfectly safe and will not give a toxic dose.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for - Transformation, psychosexual problems, inhibitions, rebirthing, shyness, detoxifying liver and gallbladder, stress, insomnia, allergies, eyes, circulatory diseases, childbirth, cramps, menstrual problems, labor, females sexual organs, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, growths, travel sickness, vertigo, tumours, optic nerve, pancreas, spleen, parathyroid, DNA, cellular structure, immune system, acidification of tissues, diabetes.1

Emotional Healing: Gives resistance to emotional blackmail and heals emotional abuse, especially from childhood.  Encourages healthy relationships based on love and not need.

Practical Uses: Keep near microwaves in the kitchen and by televisions in living areas.

Workplace: Malachite protects against noise, over-bright fluorescent lighting and harmful rays from technological equipment, negative phone calls and e-mails.2


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Malachite Polished Tumble stones