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Nuummite -

Source:  Greenland, Canada

Zodiac:   Scorpio

Nuummite is the sorcerer’s stone and is powerfully protective against ill-wishing and psychic manipulation.  One of the oldest minerals on Earth, it is an exceptional energy tool for those whose energies have evolved sufficiently to work with its intensity.  It is particularly effective when shaped into a wand to pull out negative energy imprints and implants.  A protective stone , strengthening the auric shield and effective against negative energies and sorcery, Nuummite helps travelling stealth and sureness and is the perfect stone for lower world journeys to retrieve a lost soul or child part.  It shields from sight and safeguards your car.

Nuummite has very strong wild-nature energies, which give it its fiercely protective powers and strong direct access to nature in the raw.  It is a perfect antidote to modern urban living that blunts the instincts and can bring over-reliance on technology

- Judy Hall, “The Crystal Bible”, Vol 2, 2009

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Nuummite Tumble Stone