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Petrified Wood

Source:  Worldwide

Petrified wood is formed when dead wood is saturated with silicic acid in the absence of oxygen and then solidifies through loss of water.  Depending on the exact circumstances of formation, the substance of the wood is replaced either by quartz or, more rarely, by opal.

Petrified wood promotes a sense of ease with the planet we live on and the feeling of being in the right place at the right time.  It stimulates inner imagery.  It stimulates recovery, is calming, helps us collect ourselves and helps us keep our feet firmly planted in reality.

It stimulates us to create a pleasant atmosphere, live a simple life and grant ourselves enough time for leisure and reflection. 

Where possible it should be worn.

- Michael Gienger, “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing”, 2015


Petrified Wood Polished Tumbles