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Source:  Worldwide

Rhodochrosite represents selfless love and compassion.  It expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with material energies.  This stone imparts a dynamic and positive attitude.  Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships especially for people who feel unloved.  It is the stone par excellence for healing sexual abuse. 

People who have an aversion to this stone are repressing something in themselves they do not want to look at.  This stone improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress.  Rhodochrosite is mentally enlivening.  It encourages a positive attitude and enhances dream states and creativity.  Emotionally, it encourages spontaneous expression of feelings, including passionate and erotic urges.  It lifts a depressed mood and brings lightness into life.

- Judy Hall, “The Crystal Bible”, 2009



Rhodochrosite small Polished Tumble stones