Moldavite is one for the person wanting something 'out of this world'.  It is a stone of for the New Age.  It is a form of Tektite, which is said to have extraterrestrial origin formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth.  The heat of impact metamorphosed surrounding rocks, creating a 'strew field' by flinging the resulting crystals over a vast area.  Moldavite is therefore a fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother earth.  It is now found along the banks of the river Moldau and is unlikely to be discovered anywhere else in the world.  For this reason the crystal will become extinct.  This is a rare stone
Moldavite has been used since Stone Age times as a talisman and amulet for good fortune and fertility. Many people believe it came to aid in earth's transition and healing and that the time has come to use Moldavite's energies wisely. It can greatly enhance the effect of other crystals, taking them to their highest vibration. * Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible" 2009

Moldavite (rare and limited crystal)