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Source: USA

Chakra: Aligns Third Eye and Throat; Crown, Higher Crown, Higher Heart

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

General: Shattuckite is named for the Shattuck mine in USA, where it was first discovered.  Channeled sources say that this stone is excellent for stimulating cell division, repairing genetic information, and healing genetically transmitted diseases, including those brought about by radiation damage.  This highly spiritual stone heightens vibration and amplifies thought, bringing clear metaphysical vision and assisting in communicating what is seen.  Shattuckite can clear past-life curses and commands to secrecy and is particularly useful in cases where past-life experience has closed down metaphysical abilities, as it removes hypnotic commands and edicts.  During channeling, Shattuckite’s powerful energy ensures that the entity does not take over the physical body.  An excellent energy conduit, it reaches a high vibration, insisting that the purest source is contacted.

Beneficial For: Claimed to be beneficial for – Syphilitic miasm, minor health complaints, balance, spring tonic, tonsillitis, blood clotting, intercellular structures.1

Emotional Healing: Releases within you the need to hold on to the past.  Especially useful in getting over a relationship breakdown or waiting for someone who will never commit. 

Practical Uses: Enables those in love to reveal their feelings.

Workplace: Wear this crystal when you need to communicate clearly.2


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Shattuckite Tumble stones