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Source:  Russia

A profoundly earthy and anti-geopathogenic stone, Shungite is found only in Karelia, northern Russia.  At least two billion years old, Shungite formed before organic life was established and yet carbon-based minerals normally arise from decayed organic matter such as ancient forests.  It may have been instrumental in creating life on earth.  It has been suggested that an enormous meteorite hit the earth and created the crater in which Lake Onega later formed.  Shungite contains virtually all the minerals in the periodic table.  It has phenomenal shielding power that arises from its unique formation.

Psychologically, Shungite clears out mental or emotional pollutants so that fresh patterns imprint.  At the same time, it encourages keeping the wisdom of the past and applying to the present to create a new future.

- Judy Hall, “The Crystal Bible” Vol 3, 2015


Shungite Polished Tumble Stone