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Source:  USA, Australia, Greece, Italy, Mexico


Smithsonite is a stone of tranquillity, charm, kindness, and favourable outcomes.  It has an extremely gentle presence and forms a buffer against life’s problems.  It is the perfect stone for releasing stress that is almost at breaking point and for alleviating mental breakdown.

This stone is ideal for anyone who has had a difficult childhood and who felt unloved or unwanted.  Smithsonite heals the inner child and alleviates the effects of emotional abuse and misuse.

Psychologically, Smithsonite supports leadership qualities especially where tact is required.  Emotionally, it aids difficult relationships.  An excellent stone for a secure for a secure and balanced life, imparting harmony and diplomacy and remedies unpleasant situations.

- Judy Hall, “The Encyclopedia of Crystals”, 2015


Smithsonite Polished Tumble stones