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Source:  United States, Russia, Madagascar, Australia

Zodiac:   Capricorn

Created from fossilized algae, one of the earliest life forms and believed to have created the oxygen on our planet, Stromatolite carries eternal knowledge.  It helps you to read the Akashic Record of your previous lives, and yet looks to the future.  This stone is an excellent support during evolutionary change as it has weathered billions of years of chaos, catastrophe and transformation.  It is a useful aid to processing and learning from all your experiences.  Hold Stromatolite to your forehead to ground you if you are feeling spaced-out or if certain people are constantly questioning and correcting you and you feel insecure.  Use this stone to give perseverance if taking a project from conception to completion, particularly if it will involve personal investment in time and resources.

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Stromatolite Tumble Stone